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On the afternoon of July 16, Starlake Urban Area was proud to be one of 23 projects honored at the Awarding Ceremony of Project worth living in 2021 within the framework of Real Estate Forum 2021: New driving force for the market by the Business Forum Magazine was held under the auspices of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) with the advice of leading experts in the field of Real Estate. This is the 4th year in a row that the pro ...

The reason why Starlake attracts multinational customers

Located in a prime location, possessing all the advantages of the busiest metropolis in the capital, Starlake luxury apartment complex is the choice of many foreigners in Hanoi.   “Strict” living standards of foreigners   Foreign visitors in Vietnam mostly come from countries with high material life, so their criteria for choosing accommodation are somewhat “stricter” than domestic ones. For example, Japanese people, althoug ...

Unlimited design creativity in Starlake’s luxury apartment

Not only inheriting a series of exclusive advantages from a prime location, Starlake also gives homeowners the opportunity to freely express their personal style in apartments with unique and different designs.   Impressive living experience in the heart of the Capital   Located on a rare golden land in West Lake, the Starlake luxury apartment is considered as one of the international standard housing projects that promises to bring the ...

Starlake – The dream city of the future

Built with 100% Korean capital, Starlake is impressed by the appearance of many modern and classy functional subdivisions, deployed by large corporations, is the ideal destination for luxurious convenient living, and potential investment opportunities.   Considered as a “remaining pearl” of Hanoi, Starlake is a complex project located on an area of more than 186 hectares rare in the West of the city. It is also a place chosen by ...